The End is Nigh!

I think I may be coming to the end!  I have a few last beta readers out there, but once they are done, I will be publishing!  I’m super excited to get it out there and my last betas seem to really like my book which is good right??

In other news, I finished another big edit of my book before giving it to these last betas.  I couldn’t believe how many little tweaks I did here and there…I suppose I could be doing that forever!  After I made all those contraction changes, I needed to go through it again from start to finish to make sure everything sounded good.

Now that book 1 is almost done, I have been pecking away at book 2.  It is the conclusion to the 2-book series book 1 started.  I have the plot all planned out (mostly) in Excel and I’m at 12 chapters currently (book 1 was 15) so we’ll see…chapters are really fluid for me until draft 2 or 3.  It was initially titled “Resurgence” but after more plot-mapping, I decided to change it to “Homecoming.”  I like Homecoming more, but it still could be a placeholder if I find some other word that means essentially the same thing, we’ll see.

And the journey continues…


Oh man so I am so glad I have beta readers!  One of my betas has finished reading and since she is writing a book herself and has been doing so for years, her feedback was quite detailed.  At first I was a little overwhelmed to get all that feedback, but I realized that it was most positive and lots of the things were easy to fix…or so it seemed.

One of the suggestions she made was to add in all my contractions as I have a tendency to not use them when I write despite using them when I talk.  For example, I would say “he did not use that door” instead of saying “he didn’t use that door.”  Not a huge deal I thought, well it turns out I am really REALLY anti-contraction when I write!  Thank God for control-F or I would be editing my book for weeks!  I have made literally hundreds and hundreds of changes.  I would say out of all the non-contractions I used, I probably left 20-30 as non-contractions, all the rest were changed.

I’m a little frustrated because, as I have said before, I’m not very patient.  I really want to put my book out there but at the same time, I don’t want to embarrass myself either.  Now that the contractions are done (I also tweaked and added to my ending…), I need to go over a few more small details the beta pointed out.  Then I wait for the other betas to finish.

Oh and I also got another rejection letter today…a full 3 and 1/2 months after I sent it!  Whatever, their loss.

And the journey continues…

Cover Art!

I have cover art!  I’ll attach it below, that means I am one step closer to ready-to-publish!  Super excited!

Also, one of my beta readers finished the book and had a lot of great feedback for me, so looks like more editing is in my future.  I thought I was done, but she had a lot of great points and the new perspective was clearly something I needed.  I’m sure the book will be so much better for it.  Just waiting on those edits and my other betas to finish and then I and likely almost maybe possibly done!  Maybe.

And the journey continues…


Forging Ahead

So I have updated all my stuff on Amazon, my profiles are set, bank account created and attached, ISBN bought, now I am just waiting on my cover art to be done (which seems like it should be soon, we’ve been through one slight revision), and my beta readers to finish.  I originally was going to publish before they were done, but the more I thought about it, the less good of an idea that seemed.  Hopefully they will finish up soon and I can get their feedback and THEN publish.  This is a pretty exciting time, I am having major self-doubts while I wait for the betas to finish, but I have started writing book 2, which I have tentatively named “Resurgence.”  More to come on that soon…

And the journey continues…

Turning Point

So I have been hinting at it for a while, but I have finally made the decision to go ahead with self-publishing!  I was going back and forth for a while, but I have been heading in that direction for a while.  So now that I am set on this path and the last of the query letters I sent out are all past their time frames for responses, I have taken the plunge!

The first big thing I did was start telling people I wrote a book.  That was incredibly nerve-wracking.  I called one of my best friends to see if he would be willing to read and I was so nervous!  Luckily everyone I asked to read the book all said they would and all were supportive, so hopefully when they’re done, they will be so kind as to post positive reviews on Amazon.  Yep, that’s where I’m publishing and I’m doing Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select.  That means a 90 day exclusive deal with them, but really, who cares, I would be selling there regardless.

This is what I have done thus far since deciding I’m self-publishing: I have created a bank account for any royalties I might get, I created an author account with Amazon for publishing, I have painstakingly formatted my novel in Word so it uploads correctly, registered on CreateSpace, bought an ISBN number, and enlisted a graphic designer.  I am going for the as-cheap-as-possible route, so they only things I have paid for is the ISBN, which appears to be unavoidable, and a graphic designer, which is recommended by everyone because, contrary to the phrase, people really do judge a book by its cover.  Hopefully when all said and done, I’ll have only spent about $300 but we’ll see.

Everything is done, I’m just waiting on my art to be done in about two weeks and since I don’t want to put my book out there until I have a cover, everything is waiting on that.

And the journey continues…

Wattpad Stuff

So I haven’t posted in a while, been busy with life and making my final edits.  About 2/3 through my book then I am DONE with it.  I suppose I could go on editing it forever, but at some point I need to be done and move on and once I finish this last time through, that’s it.

That being said, I have decided to put the first chapter of my novel out there so people can read it, see what my story is about, see how I write, and hopefully generate some interest in me and my book.  I seem to be drifting ever so slowly toward self-publishing but that is a post for another day.

Please head over to my profile on Wattpad, take a look at me, my first chapter and PLEASE give me some feedback, good or bad.  I have had so little so far other then my editor, I am curious what other people think.

Here’s the link:

And the journey continues…

Slow Slog

Just a quick update…So I finished putting all my editor’s edits in my novel and now I’m taking one last pass through before I say it’s done. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, what’s funny is I love re-reading my book, I just have so many other things going on right now! Hence the slog.

But once I finish my final review, the scary part happens…I give it to my friends and family and they will know my deep, dark secret I have been withholding from them…I’m a writer! More on that later. Back to my review!

And the journey continues…

Empty Vacation

So I was away most of last week on vacation and it was nice to get away from writing and my computer/office for a bit.  I was hungry to return though by the end and tore through the rest of my edits from my editor.  So now my book is fully done with all edits from her fully Incorporated!  Yay!  However, now that all the big and small things she found are added in, I now realize I need to do a re-write of a part of one chapter near the beginning of my story and another likely-major re-write to my ending.  As I wrote my novel, I realized that it was part one of a two-part story.  So they epilogue I currently have attached may be moved to the story proper of book two-we’ll see.

On another note, upon returning from vacation, I found that I had only accumulated one rejection letter.  That is good and bad I guess, but it kinda means that there are several more letters out there that have not been responded to…some that I put a ton of personalization into.  That worries me a little bit.  If I get rejections from them, that is going to hurt more than others.  Fingers crossed!

And the journey continues…


Today I got my final package of edits from my editor!  I should have all of them in there and the story should be all buttoned up within the next few days!  Once I finish this, I feel comfortable moving on to the next book I have been brainstorming about (and dreaming about) for a while now.  This is my queue that I need to write again, all these ideas I have are getting bottled up in my mind and need to be released!  So these edits coming through are perfect in their timing so I can finish up Break Away and move on to its sequel.

HOWEVER, in adding these edits and delving into my story yet again, I have found that I will need to do some editing of my own.  Without going into all the plot details, my main character Rose goes from a “green” rookie cop to a hardened survivor by the end of the novel.  In re-reading, I have Rose participating in the killing of some agents looking to capture and possibly kill her, however, the ease by which she makes this decision is too early I think as it’s only about a quarter of the way in.  While I don’t think I will change the outcome of the scene as killing the agents is the only way out as I wrote it and I like it that way.  I think making this scene more emotionally draining and making Rose’s decision to go through with what she has to do more difficult, I think this will satisfy the doubts I have.  This will likely require another full re-read/edit of my novel by me though…oh well.  Also, my editor suggested a possible reprieve for a character that dies near the end of my book.  I like how it’s written, but it is something I will need to seriously consider.

All I have to say is, anyone who doesn’t use someone else to edit their book is really missing out.  It’s great to have an outside perspective and I will likely “lend out” the book to friends/family once I feel I am truly finished to get their overall thoughts.  Who knew editing could be so exciting!

And the journey continues…